Author: djbonner

I was introduced to the healing power of live harp music while attending a conference on music and medicine.  At this conference in 1988 the researchers were presenting the findings about the human cells’ positive response to the music of the harp.  That was all I needed to hear, purchased my Celtic harp and began another dimension of my career as a Music Therapist.

To encourage the health of special populations through music has been my career focus.  My undergraduate degrees are in music education and music therapy and Masters in music education and special education. I have my Music Therapy Board Certification.  The American Music Therapy Association requires this Board Certification to work as a music therapist.

Music Therapy is broadly defined by the American Music Therapy Association (1998) as “the use of music in the accomplishment of therapeutic aims: the restoration, maintenance, and improvement of mental and physical health.”

During my career as a music teacher and music therapist I have worked for the Carmel/Clay schools, Clarian hospitals –specifically Riley and University Hospital and a variety of other facilities in the Indianapolis area. I have taught Music Therapy and special music education courses at Butler University and have been a music education consultant for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Currently I am Vice President of the Association of Indiana Music Therapy.

Playing harp for weddings and other special occasions for over 20 years has been a pleasure.  One of my favorite harp moments was when I was asked to compose a few short harp phrases for Clarian hospitals. When a baby is born at any of their hospitals you can hear one of these harp pieces for the celebration of new life.

As a retired music teacher there is time now to share my harp music for a variety of venues.